What makes you a man!!

A man you said you are, right? Hmm you maybe a man because you grew muscles, strength and other potential that makes you look like a man…

But do you believe sometimes, you might have those attributes and still you are not complete as a man or let say bold enough to be call a man, why? A man isn’t just having everything to look exactly like a man, but it is what you build inside you that determines, the real picture of a man in you..

To be a real man you need to grow these useful attributed in you!!

. be kind

. be truthful

. be hardworking

. respect all woman

. don’t over hype yourself

. and lastly be good on !!! Oh you got me haaaaa!

Yeah I heard people say “To be a man is not a day job” is this true ?

Let here your own opinion about this!!

Drop your comment below and let have fun!!!!

I'm a very calm and gentle person hoping to make change for our future

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