Do You Know When You Masturbate You Are Separating Yourself From Grace!!!

As human their is No need to masturbate yourself for pleasure, and when constantly doing such stuff, you might not easily achieve your goal at your appointed time.

When you masturbate GOD is readily angry and his spirit is dissociate from you. Why? You asked right? Yeah masturbation is you having a strong connection with demonic spirit, wish will always want to withdrew you from attaining success.

Why you should stop masturbation?

Truthfully everyone knows that masturbation, is a very great and unworthy sin to the holy spirit. But aside from this masturbation is a bad act that you don’t need to be told.


It was proven that when a guy masturbate, these are kind of things that might happen to such person.

. Quick ejaculation

. Weaken your dick toughness and strength and makes it become soft and weaker.

. It sometimes makes you loss stamina and balancing.

. And lastly it might lead to, you having long time ejaculation which is very bad for normal sex…

So, as an individual stop masturbation if you want to attain success and achieve your goals earlier in life.

Let hear your view by commenting below. !!!

I'm a very calm and gentle person hoping to make change for our future

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