Is corona virus real in Nigeria?

Almost all of us in Nigeria, basically people from the rural area of the country did not believe that the virus is...

Truth about Charlie Charlie game it will shock you after reading

Hmm it obvious that almost 30% Nigerian played the Charlie Charlie game, but after some days I was surprise to hear different...

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[Sex talk] Can I be crazy in love with a wrong person?

We live in world where love and affection is felt, and most of us want to be loved...

How long should normal sex last?

It is believed by many that sex is to be enjoyable. But the certain time it last is the basic question here,...

Are you a failure?

You and I might have thought about this a long time and we don't really get a satisfying answers. like, why do we fail?...

Dj Dhalex dee – MMM mixtape

Dj Dhalex dee made this mixtape for the top raising entertainment name MMM Entertainment ..
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