Are you a failure?

You and I might have thought about this a long time and we don’t really get a satisfying answers. like, why do we fail? to lay man he believes if he fails that is the end of everything he has plan for.

what an interesting topic of discussion, do you know what human failure is all about? or are you aware of what might be the cause or reason why people fail? if you are here to learn more about the cause of human failure and why most successful people fail most time, then you are in the right place, just seat, relax and fasten your seatbelt as we take you on this wonderful and eye-opening ride.
what is failure? failure is lack of success or the neglect of expected required actions. it can also be seen as an act of falling or proving unsuccessful. failure is not just lack of something but also the inability to attain a specific goal.

At some point in life we stated knowing some basic truth about been right and wrong, but concerning failure almost everyone never wanted to be a victim because we all want to win.

Everyone can make mistake or error no matter how trained or motivated they are. however, the consequence of such human failure can be severe.

Do we have to fail? yeah, we have to fail at least once in a lifetime. because according to “Albert Einstein” he said ” A person who never made mistake never tried anything new” so with this, we can say that failure is meant for people who work hard trying to create something if not new but unique to the society. so as an individual we need to understand why and what exactly is causing our failure.

Causes of human failure? Though there is no specific causes to human failure, but according to some research we could point that human failure are caused by the following.

  1. fear
  2. emotional stress
  3. multitasking
  4. low-self esteem
  5. fatigue
  6. gossiping

Fear: it is also one of the major reasons why people fail, because we are always sacred of falling. So if we actually want to become successful in life, we need to overcome the fear of failing and we need to understand the concept of achieving. So as human we must believe and accept failure as a key of attaining success in life.
Multitasking: This is a situation where we actually need to concentrate on, because the concept of multitasking is when an individual is getting involve in so many task and could not even figure what is right for them. We need to understand that multitasking kills and also is a mastermind to failure. For instance someone might love to study multimedia as a course, but within the process of studying he might get involve in some other jobs outside, in order to sustain his/herself and this might actually lead to failure in his/her education. When our mind is diverted to so many things without a specific focus we fail.
How to overcome failure.

For us to overcome failure we need to first accept that failure is human road to success. We need to overcome fear, also we need to concentrate on what we know we are best at and never look down on ourselves. Also we need to understand that “a man fall is not the end of his life/journey”, the only reason why you can be label as a failure is when you fall and you don’t want to get up. Get up! from your obstacle and achieve your goal.

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Are you a failure?

You and I might have thought about this a long time and we don't really get a satisfying answers. like, why do we fail?...

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