What life gives you take and accept it

We all want to be rich and famous. We want to make ourselves what the best we choose for… Sometime in life what we plan for, might not be corresponding with what life itself have for us.. Do you know in every decision we make their is a goal that is to be achieved…

When I was becoming an adult I began to to relate dreams with issues. Sometime I look at myself, like someone more important that I thought I was. I stand chances of wining, achieving and claiming my fruitful dreams, but but all for all went in for all I got. The basic of life is to strive for success while we liveth.
According to my childhood experiences I was able to navigate through some things I believe as an adult I could not.

Don’t get tired of your dreams!!

  Almost everyone of us don’t know the reason for our  failure. Also we could not figure out why we are achieving a lot. When you don’t get tired of your dreams, you will excel!! Yes you will excel, everyone of us fail because we don’t try put an effort on the things that amaze us and make us happy, maybe because we concentrated on what we felt makes our close once happy.Kids don’t stop aiming for what they want, they keep on asking question on things they found difficult, but as an adult we forgot that we are in the world for a reason and we could only know the reason by not getting tire of what we want.                                           Tsplash

Let just believe we have a purpose and until then we get to know what life have for us…

I'm a very calm and gentle person hoping to make change for our future

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