What Does It Mean, When You Dream About You Been Pregnant?

A dream of growing recognition. A precious gift has been revealed to you from inside you. A wonderful dream combining mind, soul and spirit. The dream of pregnancy, represents the incubation process revealing new life transformation.

Personally, you’re rising from knowledge due to inner illumination. Your physical body reflects new life growing within. This is your expanding mind blossoming, inner growth.

Your dreams imagery shows you, your creation. Many dreams require your attention. Subconcious awareness, generated from the depths in your enlivened conscious, has now received your attention. You are growing in beautiful ways.

The essense of your dream is, life awareness reflecting a greater understanding and connection to your higher self. This dreams visual, is growing wisdom.

In your dream, two months means a very good unity or harmony. Duality from connecting thought intellect with spiritual high minded insights.

Accept this growth as the unity of your best self. This dream is a great achievement in your aspirations coming to life.

I'm a very calm and gentle person hoping to make change for our future

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