Tyson fury vs Anthony Joshua= the big fight has been fixed, ‘the both heavyweight set to earn $100million’

The Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua fight location has finally been selected, promoter Bob Arum has revealed.

Fury’s co-promoter declined to reveal the specific country at this stage, but did confirm a sizeable step has now been taken towards finalising the biggest fight in British boxing history.

The coronavirus pandemic has put paid to any lingering possibility of the bout happening at home, but in reality an overseas location was always the plan.

AJ’s promoter Eddie Hearn previously named Singapore, Dubai, Qatar, America and China as possible options, though Saudi Arabia was marked as the favourite to host Joshua vs Fury.

Arum told Barbershop Conversations: “We have a location, that’s true.

“We have a location and, as far as the date is confirmed, we haven’t zeroed in on a date.

“It could be as late as June because it would give more time to solve the coronavirus problem. By June, most people will be vaccinated, so it’s possible.

“And then we would do the fight, pay-per-view in the UK and pay-per-view early evening in the United States.”

Joshua is promoted by Hearn

An early evening US time would suggest a prime time evening start in the UK – identical to the situation when AJ fought Andy Ruiz Jr in Saudi Arabia

Regarding the financials, Arum added: “The Joshua vs Fury fight will earn each of the guys close to $100million. Each of the guys.

“It is the biggest fight in history in the UK, not even close.

“Around the world it is the biggest fight that people wanna see.”

Wilder still on a run to fight fury

Regarding that legal situation, Arum updated: “Over Christmas and New Year there was mediation, maybe the mediator will be able to solve the situation.

“But we’ve got a real problem because Tyson Fury has said to me and to the mediator that not ever would he ever fight Wilder after what Wilder said.

“He regards it as a slur not only to him, but against the Gypsy nation…

“I don’t wanna get into legalities, but the idea of anybody stopping the Fury vs Joshua fight just can’t happen.”

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