Truth about Charlie Charlie game it will shock you after reading

Hmm it obvious that almost 30% Nigerian played the Charlie Charlie game, but after some days I was surprise to hear different kind of stuff. Like i watch some video that even portray the fact that charlie Charlie game was a Demonic calling. But is that really true? Like how much do believe it true?

First and  foremost I would love to say charlie Charlie game is not a demonic calling but it a game that obeys the gravity law. Have we all know that when you want to play the game, it somehow tricky that you would believe that it was a demon but it absolutely different from what you believe it was. Let us just take a deep look at how it been played.

Firstly, you have a pencil and a paper then you write some stuff like this on it
How it work

After that, you call the name “charlie Charlie are you here” but the funniest thing about this, is the pencil turn either right or left. If you fell you want to know more about this stuff, kindly place your mouth more close to the pencil and say “charlie Charlie are here you realized it turn easily, and that was because that pencil on the paper turn due to small breeze or air that was exacted on it. So don’t get it twisted it is just as normal as you might be thinking right now.

Where does this start from?
This game was played by teenagers to ask answer about their playful life questions. Even they don’t find it that spiritual, because it was just a game to share their feelings with their friend.

So why are we worried about playing stuff like this!!! It just a game that obeys the gravity law and principles. So don’t get it twisted it normal

Charlie Charlie is just a game

I'm a very calm and gentle person hoping to make change for our future

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