Things you need to know about marriage!!!

Hmm, when you are a man and you can’t truly make your woman feel different, then you are somehow gonna miss her to someone else.

Woman love to be satisfied not only with money but with more sexual feelings. When you love your woman be willing to make her feel you more during sex.

Why have this been the major tropics now

In our world today we meet with lot if people and with different ideas and situation for instance

Tade said she can never marry a man who is not good in bed because she will end up cheating in such relationship

But the question was that wrong for to say such word? Basically it wasn’t because she felt instead of cheating, she will prefer marrying someone of her type. Yes that true but in some cases you might with another type of person like

Victoria said” she prefer someone with not long sex duration but who is

constant in such stuff”

Now let view this someone who is constant, yeah it is perfect for her that what she like and love from a man she would marry. So with this two cases, it basically preferred that you know the capabilities of your partner. Not just jump into marriage for the sake of giving birth and I guess it will help grow your marriage, when their is a concord between you and your partner.

I'm a very calm and gentle person hoping to make change for our future

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