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Sometimes, if not most times, what we think about certain situation isn’t what really happened. We are quick to judge. Judge what we actually know little or nothing about.

A rich man died, we say, “He’s a ritualist, his evil deeds backfired.” We talk with so much confidence as though we had a hand in it. A teen girl’s tommy protrudes, we say, she’s a hoe, she fucks every guy around. We don’t even know if her first time led to that or in worse cases, she’s raped. We are friends with a loner. Someone that his only good time is when he is alone. When he has all the chance in the world to talk to himself. He’s his own best friend. He doesn’t enjoy people’s company and vice versa. Sometimes he over reacts to what people do, and what he gets is, “He’s too harsh, don’t move close him, he’ll bite you” This guy is someone that’s received the worst treatment all his life. He’s never been happy. Not even for once. The only time he was close to being that, Amaka restored his default settings again. Yet, we just say he’s bad. The girl, she’s worse. The late rich man, that serves him right.

Why are we like that? Why do we judge what we don’t know? Why do we spread false rumour. We derive joy in judging what we don’t know, why is that that?

Why don’t we all just shut the fuck up!!!

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I'm a very calm and gentle person hoping to make change for our future

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