If A Bank Mistakenly Sent A Certain Amount Of Money To Your Account And You Spent It. (Are you a thief)

Yeah, let know your view about this. You woke up very grateful in a blissful morning, and you were about brushing your tooth, you got an alert of $100,000 which you knew it wasn’t yours, what will you do with the money?

Hmm, you got shocked right? It certain 98% Nigeria citizens knows what to do about it.. Or let me say people are been faithful about money spending ..

But let be sincere, now you try using the money ( like you spent it ), and suddenly you got a knock at you door, and when you open, you saw a police men and a bank official with them. Telling you “hey why do you spend the money on your account when you know it wasn’t for you? You are under arrest!!

What will you do?

Drop your comment below !!!

I'm a very calm and gentle person hoping to make change for our future

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