Truth about loving is far beyond the look of things, and if probably we found joy in someone but at the end we were turn down how does it feel like?

Reasons why people breakup in their relationship sometimes we can’t figure it out. Imagine you plane your future with someone who took every single errors you make as an opportunity to always make you feel the absence of been loved.

Sometime they might be fight and misunderstanding and when this happens you swallow pride and beg for wrongs but most times when you realise it has been usual kindly stop it!! You don’t need be begging for space in a heart of someone who isn’t seeing wrong in their ways. Dou it might be hurt for us let go of such feelings but you need to understand that loving isn’t only for one person to bear and it a feeling that should be shared..

In every relationship honest and truthfulness is always a key but now things isn’t work like that. Most times when we don’t want to say sorry, of our mistake then we stylishly telling our spouse to live us .

Don’t just seat and expect boyfriend or girlfriend to make mistake and then use that as advantage on them .. It hot but you basically teaching your partner to survive without you.

Making wise decision will be better


I'm a very calm and gentle person hoping to make change for our future

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