Do you know your hardworking does not determine your success?

HARDWORKING ON DAILY BASES PROVE YOU NOT BEEN LAZY…. In our community today our elders will preach to us, that when you do work more, it is sure for you to attain success.. But the question is “IF YOUR HARD WORK DETERMINE YOUR SUCCESS DO YOU NEED ANY MEANS TO STOP WORKING?

Well we live to survive but our success isn’t our often we work every 24 hour, or how deep we concentrate on our business. Have you ever wonder why some people attain success without hardworking? Some say they got involved in a kind of ritualistic act or robbery…

Now I will say your success is not determined by your hardworking, but by grace!!! Only by grace you can attain success in everything you do even when it a little earning…So as an individual knowing you want to attain success you have to stop doing this 5 thing:

1. Stop believing when you work deeply hard you attain success.

2. Stop limiting yourself of things you know can do much more better.

3. Don’t let people pull you down by their words.

4. Be sure of what you believe it works for you

5. Pray to GOD for his mercy over your plans and only him should know

I’m not saying you shouldn’t work!! But if you want to attain success be sure of what best for you not to impress anyone

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I'm a very calm and gentle person hoping to make change for our future

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