Do you know Gossiping tend you to be a failure?

Now, we grew up knowing the right from wrongs, and now it easy for us to express ourselves in a good manner. But “do you know the more you gossips, the more we tend yourselves so low that you might end up in a regret”

Gossiping, is act of jobless and unpromising dreams. The moment you start gossips you become unless to yourself and your community. But the question is, “why do almost 80% of people in the world like gossiping?  I have wondered and thought about this for long, but the answer I guess might come from three things listed below:

Family treat
Parent ideology and

And most things of all is that, the more you more you gossip about people, is the more you fail because a gossiping mind never thinks of positive investment on themselves but would love to make everyone around them a topic of their discussion.  

What your view about this

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I'm a very calm and gentle person hoping to make change for our future

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