Do you agree fear makes you not only a failure but also a fool?

Everyman love to have their privacy in a very welcome home way. Some of us want to do something but we find it hard to sort them out. Fear is our greatness enemy, that the evil ones use against us as the only valuable tools for our down fall.

Do you need to fear?
While I was young I believed, that only when i have materials things  for myself only then will I try things new. But I was wrong thinking that was the best part of me!! Sometimes I look at myself and say I want to have my house before 25. But still It wasn’t working out the way I thought then I look at myself and ask myself like what wrong with me? The answers to that I couldn’t figure because I was not knowing I had FEAR IN ME. 

So as human we need to overcome fear and believe that we are created for a purpose. Until then we can say we overcome fear.

When you have fear in you, it stop 3 things from. Do you wanna know?

Fine, fear makes you loss these 3 things you might not figure out yourself..

.understanding your self
. it withdraw you from success
. you end up in regret

Now as an individual be strong and believe you can do all things within your abilities, and stop been confused of your fruitful dreams because you wanna do, what you think makes your friends or people around you  happy !!

Drop your comment about this !!!

I'm a very calm and gentle person hoping to make change for our future

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