Reasons why people die!!

It is approximated that almost 56.6 million people die every year around the world…. And it statistics will shock you..

. Over 155,000 people die every day

. 6,500 people die every hours

. 107 people die every minutes and

. Nearly 2 people die every seconds.

The statistics may sound scary Right? But we all in world have a death appointment, that doesn’t need a specific date or time for its visit.. It is an inevitable event, we will all have to face one day whether we want it or not..

Every seconds, people die either old or young, rich or poor. Death is know respect of anyone status..

Death is the most fought enemy the world have been battling with for a longtime, even before now.. But WHY DO PEOPLE DIE? SOME prominent people in the world seek answer on how death can be defeated, but it was all in vain. They go extra miles to find solution from, scientists, astrologers, immortal spirit and also some use of resources like GOLD, for medicines… But couldn’t find an answer to the problems.

It true that non of us in the world want to die, but some things happens in the world that brought some kind of thought mankind… And that is…

If people die and are buried 6 feet under the ground.

How about those powerful people regarded as ‘Rufus’ in the accident days that disappeared into the ground, and never cone back..

How many feet have gone all this while or are they also dead?

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  1. Yeah, I have also heard my parent talk about their accident father that disappeared into the ground, but where have they gone to, maybe they went for excursion to hell

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